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Why Powder Coating is the Best Option for Your Playground Equipment Business

Due to the fast growing outdoor equipment market, your decision to start a playground accessories business makes sense. With the high number of gated estates in the country, the demand for playground equipment continues to grow. However, property developers do not just want to be supplied with any playground tools. Since they are meant to be used by kids, such equipment must be catchy while at the same time withstanding heavy hits from children. It is for this reason that powder coating playground equipment is the best choice. The following are reasons you should powder coat play devices for kids.

Durability -- You know that a child's play object will be subjected to rough treatment. From biting to scraping, children will do anything that pops up in their mind to their toys. It is for this reason that your playground equipment should be powder coated instead of painting them with traditional wet paint. With one coat, a powder painted playground equipment is capable of withstanding hits by blunts objects; therefore, it will last longer. Additionally, while wet paint will protect the iron underneath from corrosion, the protection will be lost once the paint is scrapped off.

Low Cost -- Manpower is necessary when coating playground equipment especially if you supply on a large scale. Since the amount of workforce you would need depends primarily on the workload, it is safe to say that powder coating is a cheaper option. For instance, average-size playground equipment can take two professionals approximately two hours to complete the painting using wet paint. However, if you use powder coating, the same task will take one person about half the time because of the technique. In the long run, you save on overhead costs consequently widening your profit margin.

Wide Range of Colors and Finishes -- Since most children will react positively to anything in bright colors, your playground equipment will sell well when available in a variety of colors and finishes. With the advancement of technology, wet paint is available in a myriad of colors. If one does not have the desired color, they have the option of mixing different ones to come up with what they need. However, the same can't be said about wet paints finishes. Powder coating offers a viable solution to this problem due to the extensive variety of finishes. For instance, if you want to give your playground equipment a matte finish, you would not find a wet paint equivalent other than powder coating.

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