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What You Must Know to Weld Aluminium Properly in a Do-it-Yourself Project

Aluminium is a popular metal in many home projects. Its versatility allows you to use it for window fittings, door fittings, outdoor furniture and homemade balustrades, among many other projects. In so doing, one of the most important factors to think about is the method you will use to join different pieces of aluminium, where need be. Welding is certainly the oldest trick in the book, but you should be careful because aluminium is quite different from other metals like steel and iron. Read More 

5 Key Compressor Ratings You Must Understand When Finding a Compressor Hire

Air compressors come with different numbers and ratings which represent their capabilities. While some people see them as confusing, keeping track of what these ratings mean can help you when choosing acompressor hire. The following are the most important ratings which you should strive to understand because they affect the quality of work output of the compressor. Cubic Feet Per Minute This refers to the volume of air which is delivered to the air tool by the compressor. Read More 

Benefits of Using Online Ordering and Design for Custom Plaques

Custom plaques are ideal for acknowledging achievements or for noting important events in your community organization. Traditionally, you would order any plaques that you need from your local engraver or printing store. However, there can be several benefits to using an online ordering and design system. Here are a few of those benefits to consider and why they may be more ideal for you than traditional methods. Uploading and Immediate Change to Design Read More 

Reasons Your Community Funded Clinic Should Consider Copper Based Alloys

When you begin a community funded clinic, you are generally on your own for most of the equipment you have. This may means you may have the options of using certain alloys or metal surfaces for your cabinets and other equipment options. This may not sound like something that is important, but in a clinic environment it can reduce the germs and transmission of illness. For that reason, some community clinics choose to go with copper based alloys over stainless steel options. Read More 

4 Facts About Plasma Cutting for Toy Hauler Fabricators

Toy haulers are made from plate materials, for example, aluminum and galvanized steel components which are cut and welded later. The process of cutting such materials must produce quality parts to enable fast manufacturing of toy haulers for outdoor aficionados. Plasma cutting has become the preferred method of cutting plates because it is inexpensive, reliable, and fast compared to other engineering processes. If you are new in the toy hauler fabrication business, here is what you need to know about plasma cutting technology. Read More 

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