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4 Types of Goalposts

Do you watch football? Everybody likes a football pitch with an aesthetic appeal, and there is no better way to do it than using quality goalposts. Goalposts are available in various sizes, material, shape and type. You will find one that suits your needs. Looking for the ideal one can be challenging, especially when you are not well-informed. This piece will explain the four major types in the market. Socketed goalpost Read More 

Why You’ve Got to Deal With Your Waste Oil Properly

Although most people understand how important it is to recycle and especially in an industrial or commercial operation, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve those goals due to other factors. The facility in question may be understaffed, and they may need to take shortcuts just to keep up. In this case, they may not dispose of their waste oil as efficiently as they should. Consequently, there can be many repercussions over and above the obvious. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Plastic Moulding

To be able to produce a finished product, the manufacturing industry has to go through a lot of complicated and lengthy processes. One of the things that actually shortens the time in which a product is finished is moulding. What Is Moulding? Moulding is a process of creating a rigid frame in which plastic is injected to create a final product. Usually, the moulds are made of metals such as iron and aluminium, but recently industries also use silicon moulding. Read More 

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Hello, my name Peter and this is my processing and manufacturing blog. I live in Melbourne with my wife and our two kids. I have always been interested processing and manufacturing. Have you ever wandered around a supermarket or shopping centre and looked at all the goods on display? Many people never stop to think about how the goods go from being raw materials to sitting on the shelves of shops. I decided to find out. I spent 7 weeks at my uncles processing and manufacturing plant. It was the best time of my life. I decided to start this blog to pass on what I have learnt.


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