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Reasons Your Community Funded Clinic Should Consider Copper Based Alloys

When you begin a community funded clinic, you are generally on your own for most of the equipment you have. This may means you may have the options of using certain alloys or metal surfaces for your cabinets and other equipment options. This may not sound like something that is important, but in a clinic environment it can reduce the germs and transmission of illness. For that reason, some community clinics choose to go with copper based alloys over stainless steel options. Here are a few reasons why and why you should consider it as well.


One of the top reasons that other clinics and health based businesses may choose to use copper based alloys versus other options is due to the durability. You need to consider this a as a top priority due to the number of spills, drops, and falls that may occur in the clinic. You will want something that can hold up well to those issues, and also not scuff or scratch easily. Remember, scratches and similar marks can create an area for microbes and germs to congregate and spread. Copper is durable enough to reduce this risk.

Chemical Resistant

Though you may not want to use the copper alloy in exam rooms and other areas due to already having stainless steel options, one area that you may want to consider is in the lab or chemical area. The reason some other clinics use copper alloy specifically in the lab area is due to the chemical resistance of the allow. You will likely have chemicals and compounds that contain an acid or dye. The acid may eat through certain other materials while the dye could permanently stain the area. Copper resists these issues and gives you the ability to reduce damages from acid burning agents that could mean having to obtain new cabinets and counters.

Easy Clean-Up

One of the leading reasons that many community based clinics choose copper alloy options are for the ease of clean-up. You can easily spray the surface with a disinfectant cleaner and clean them without scrubbing or other hardcore cleaning options. This makes it easy for your staff to handle basic housekeeping tasks, maintain the antibacterial protocol you have in place, and reduce the costs that would normally go to a cleaning service.

These reasons are just a few of the ones that may pertain to your community health clinic. If you think that these reasons are compelling enough to move forward with using the copper based alloy option, consider contacting a metals contractor for pricing.

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