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Why You've Got to Deal With Your Waste Oil Properly

Although most people understand how important it is to recycle and especially in an industrial or commercial operation, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve those goals due to other factors. The facility in question may be understaffed, and they may need to take shortcuts just to keep up. In this case, they may not dispose of their waste oil as efficiently as they should. Consequently, there can be many repercussions over and above the obvious.

Bad Habits

Sometimes, kitchen staff are so busy trying to keep up with orders that they have to dump their waste oil into the nearest drain so that they can restock with a new batch. While they may not set out to do this, it may have developed into a habit, although this activity can have long-reaching effects far and wide.

Dead Wildlife

For example, this oil will eventually find its way down through the drain, into the sewer and directly into a nearby waterway. When it does so, it can have a serious impact on both the wildlife in these areas and the environment. Birds, in particular, can be grounded if their feathers become contaminated by the oil and if this takes place in cold weather, they can often freeze to death, as they won't be able to insulate themselves properly. They may try to clean the oil from their feathers, but this will only transfer the poison to their internal organs instead, leading to a certain death.

Infertile Soil

Some of the oil may find its way into the surrounding soil, and as it leeches through each layer, chemicals will contaminate the area. Waste oil can often contain highly toxic ingredients like benzene or arsenic, and these could destroy the fertility of the soil for a generation to come.

Blocked Drains

When cooking oil is dumped into a drain, it can affect the efficiency of the sewer system itself. Once it cools down, it will begin to congeal or thicken and form a hard, wax-like substance that can become difficult to clear. This will cause the drains to back up and overflow, while special techniques will be needed in order to clear the blockage. This may not necessarily affect your outlet but could cause problems for a nearby business instead.

The Better Approach

With so much at stake and a potential fine on the line, you should get in touch with an oil collection company. Schedule a time and place and get into the habit of transferring the old oil into a container, ready for collection. To learn more, contact a company like Wren Oil today. 

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