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4 Types of Goalposts

Do you watch football? Everybody likes a football pitch with an aesthetic appeal, and there is no better way to do it than using quality goalposts. Goalposts are available in various sizes, material, shape and type. You will find one that suits your needs. Looking for the ideal one can be challenging, especially when you are not well-informed. This piece will explain the four major types in the market.

Socketed goalpost

A socketed goalpost remains on the ground since it slots into concrete sleeves or sockets below the ground surface. Once the installation is complete, it takes an upright position, and you can remove it when not under utility. A sleeved goalpost is ideal for grass pitch locations like parks, schools or football pitches. It is secure and stable, and with adequate maintenance, it will serve you for a lifetime.

Freestanding goalpost

The freestanding style is quite popular, and the posts stand upright on the surface without support. Freestanding goals consist of stanchions that connect to the back bar. These parts create a goal frame. This design is perfect for all kinds of surfaces, like artificial, concrete and grass surfaces.  

Thanks to the goalpost anchor, you can rest easy knowing that these posts will not tip forward. Since they are portable, you can use them in a multi-sport pitch.

Self-weighted goalpost

The self-weighted goalpost looks like a freestanding goalpost. However, it does not have a goal anchor to prevent it against tipping forward; instead, it has counterweights. The weights comply with the state's safety standards. Some may wheels for easy mobility when you are not using it. Usually, the wheels are on the back bar. This type of goalpost is an excellent solution in case you use your pitch for various games; it allows you to move in and out.

Fence folding goalpost

This goalpost involves fixing the goal frame to arms which that connect to a wall or fence. The arms will be useful when swinging out the goalpost for utility and back to the wall when you are not using it. This goalpost is the most compelling option when you have an artificial surface that is unsuitable for solid sleeves. You can also install it if you play multiple games.

Wrapping it up

You now know the multiple types of goalposts. You also should know the various kinds of goalpost material such as aluminium, steel or PVC. Before you make your choice, ensure that the goalpost fulfils your needs.

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