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How Your Paint Business Can Benefit When You Invest in a Liquid Filler and Capper Machine

Paint and coating products need an effective filling machine to ensure the products fills into the cans. Paint and coatings have high viscosity, and filling them without the proper machines can prove to be challenging. If you are in the coatings and paint industry, here is how you will benefit from using a liquid filler and capper machine.

They Are Reliable and Consistent

Since a liquid filler and capper machine is automated, it allows repeated actions to be consistent. Using this equipment allows you to enjoy constant and reliable seals since the tightening process does not change.

Manual capping or semi-automated machines require manual labour in one way or the other. Workers are only human and are bound to get fatigued after a while. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve consistent sealing with manual capping. Using an automatic capper eliminates such problems.

They Are Fast

Using an automatic filling machine allows your painting company to produce a lot more than you could when using hand-filling procedures. You can fill multiple paint containers in every cycle of the liquid filler machine. The number of cans you can fill depends on the total fill heads you have in your equipment.

Also, with an automatic capper, you can increase the number paint cans you can fill each day. Hand-capping every paint container takes a lot of time and effort as there has to be a worker placing the lid on each container.

They Are Easy to Operate

After switching on the machine, all an operator needs to do is to supply a new batch of bulk caps. The capping equipment allows you to make adjustments to match the cap and the container you are using. However, you might have to use a switch or hand knobs to change the heights in some cases.

When you are getting any new machine in your company, it should focus on speeding up the production process. A capping machine achieves this and helps improve efficiency in the process.

They Are Versatile

Most automatic capping equipment can work with different cap sizes as long as they use the same tightening concept. For instance, a spindle capper can handle various kinds of screw caps. All you need to do is make a simple adjustment when changing from one cap size to another.

Owning a liquid filler and capper machine in your paint company is sure to bring you various benefits. An automatic filler and capper help to significantly improve speed and output. Before buying the automatic filling equipment, talk to professionals to help you get the best one for your company.

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